Our Committes

Our committees – led by core members, assistants, and volunteers – lead us in different areas of community life, from planning spiritual formations to practicing inclusion. The committees help us celebrate, welcome, reflect, and learn! Read more about our committees below.

Inclusion Party Team

The Inclusion Party Team works to create wider access and engagement with different forms of communication and understanding, guide and hold our community accountable to its mandate of having core members lead us, and teaches people about their voice and power. It leads inclusion trainings and consults on various projects, such as how to create Emergency Preparedness plans for core members that are specific to their needs and ways of communicating. Read more about the Inclusion Party Team.

Spiritual Life Committee

The Spiritual Life Committee exists to call members of community into a deeper understanding of the Spirituality of L’Arche and support growth in members’ own spirituality. The committee creates spaces in which we can share and develop our understanding and expression of spirituality, thus forming one another. They coordinate spiritual formations, silent retreats, and other ways to grow together in our spiritual journeys.

Diversity Commission

The Diversity Commission commits to responding to the needs of our diverse community through honoring L’Arche’s mission of relationship by celebrating our diversity, further developing how L’Arche GWDC can be inclusive of our diverse cultures, and posing new challenges for L’Arche GWDC to create unity, faithfulness, and reconciliation around diversity in our community. Read more about Diversity Commission efforts.

Solidarity Committee

 The Solidarity Committee exists to call members of community into deeper relationships with our sisters and brothers in communities within the Federation and to nourish and foster a spirituality of Solidarity through prayer and engagement with other communities and those on the margins of society. The committee collects money for L’Arche communities around the world who need financial support.  They hold members of L’Arche and other sister communities in prayer and learn about the daily lives of our sister communities.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee lead us in creating space for celebration, welcome, and joy. They plan our holiday events, from our Christmas party to our Easter celebration! They help bring us together in these special moments, coordinating activities, decor, and food. They also help us welcome others into our homes.