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Contact us to give a 15-60 minute presentation at your workplace, church, school, university, business, or place of worship.

We often speak on topics such as inclusion and equality, community and friendship, the sacred value of every human life, and disability rights. You can see one of our virtual talks here.

We also have a MyVoice curriculum that teaches practical steps for medical professionals and medical students to treat patients with intellectual disabilities with respect, dignity, and a high quality of care. We have spoken and shared this curriculum to thousands of medical students and professionals across the country.

Read some examples of themes we speak on here:

What people are saying after a L’Arche presentation:

“Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:37-40 that the greatest commandment we can follow is to love God and then our neighbor. I do not think that I have met any group of people living this rule of Jesus more fully than those at L’Arche.”  -Matt Green

“One of the many questions that I am asked constantly as a elementary education major is what kinds of students I want to work with; young or old, gifted or special needs. I had considered it but hadn’t really decided until the presentation. Now I am certain that I would love to work with students with special needs and possibly go to graduate school to get a degree in Special Education.”  -Coleen Boyd

“The L’Arche presentation impacted me so greatly, that I have decided to take my gift of artistic ability and see how I can share it with others. I have begun to research Art Therapy degrees, in hopes to work with persons with intellectual disabilities and give them a creative outlet in which they can express their thoughts and feelings. And as much as I would love to work with people such as Bruce (a member of L’Arche) and share my gifts, what I would most look forward to is seeing what they can teach me and change my life.” -Caroline Egan

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