We are grateful for the many volunteers who support our ongoing efforts to provide our core people with loving homes, quality care, and opportunities for engagement in the community. Below are some ideas of ways you can volunteer. Please contact us for a volunteer application.

  • Drop it off or bring dinner and stick around! Assist or prepare a culinary masterpiece (just needs to be healthy and edible). Volunteer must receive house specific training on nutrition and food preparation. Some may require training on working with a cooking buddy. Time Commitment: Could be 1-3 hours, once a month to once a week.


  • Yard Work Enjoy the sunshine while pulling weeds, mowing, raking leaves, and puttering around outside at our homes in Arlington and D.C. Tools provided. Time Commitment: Weekly or monthly; week day and time are flexible.


  • Sometimes in the afternoon, different people want to do different things and there isn’t enough support to do it all! Adventure with a core member to some of their favorite afternoon outings. Jog around and pump some iron at the local community center, learn something new at the library, or explore a new area. Time Commitment: Between the hours of 2p-7pm, 2 hrs/week, at least every month.


  • Many DC core members LOVE going out for tea and coffee after a day of work in the vibrant Adam’s Morgan community. Stroll around the neighborhood, chat with friends, potentially grab a delicious beverage, volunteer together, the possibilities are endless. Time commitment: 4-6pm, 2 hours/week, at least every month.


  • We’re always looking for ways to stay healthy, from choosing the right foods to finding fun ways to exercise. Many members in our Arlington homes have gym memberships and lots of great spaces to walk and work out locally, but need an exercise partner to make the trips happen! Time Commitment: Flexible; four-month commitment to weekly sessions preferred.


  • Dinner at L’Arche is pretty great, but core members enjoy mixing it up and going out to local restaurants on occasion. Go out to eat with a core member and get to know each other and the town a bit better. Time Commitment: 6pm-7pm.


  • This name might be a bit confusing–until you’re the one chauffeuring core members. Whether it’s listening to the Cha-Cha Slide or talking about everyone’s days–rides to and from work or church at L’Arche are quite enjoyable and riders are extremely thankful! Volunteer to drive core members to their work in the morning or evening. Time Commitment: Weekdays 8:15am-9:30am or 2:15pm-3:30pm, Sundays 10:30-11am, 2 hours a week at least every month, at least once a month.


  • With an average of eight people living together, keeping a L’Arche home clean takes a lot of work! Lend a hand to tidy up our living spaces, clean the kitchen, and give bathrooms a quick once-over. Grab the vaccuum and get the van looking spiffy. Take a seat with friends on the couch and chat while folding laundry. Cleaning supplies and materials provided. Time Commitment: One hour or more per month; time is flexible


  • Hang around and assist in the daily duties that community house needs! Be ready to fix household items, run out and grab for groceries, and keep the steady cycle of laundry flowing.


  • It’s a common experience that going to church with a core member enriches the time there. Go along with a core member to their church on Sunday morning. Time Commitment: Sundays around 9:30am-1pm Time, From weekly to every other month.


  • We’re looking for someone with a great sense of humor who’s interested in building a long-term friendship with one of our male core members in Arlington. This might look like going to the local library, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or going to see a movie together. It’s important the volunteer would approach the relationship with the intention and ability to commit to being around as a support longer term, after determining if the relationship is a good fit. Time Commitment: Around 2 hours a month


  • Help assistants and core people improve their ASL vocabulary by sharing your knowledge and skills. Time Commitment: 1 hour, timing is flexible


  • You may not have the time to visit us frequently, but would like to introduce some friends to our community throughout the year? This role is for you. We invite you to bring 10 friends during the calendar year to dinner at one of our homes, or to L’Arche Open Houses and events. You could even host a presentation with your church or at your workplace! Time Commitment: 1 month – 1 year, depending on you and your friend’s schedule


  • Have experience in Human Resources, Fundraising, Marketing, and Strategic Planning that you want to share with L’Arche GWDC? Volunteers offering Professional Support in these areas would make an impact in supporting L’Arche’s mission.



Thomas and Andrew read together on the boardwalk in New Jersey.

Small and medium-sized groups find giving – and receiving – meaningful in L’Arche.


** Note: We are working on our next season’s schedule. Contact [email protected] for specific ideas and dates available for groups.