Executive Leadership Team

Caitlin Smith

Director of Human Resources
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Caitlin Smith joined L’Arche as a member in our DC homes in 2009 after graduating from the University of Notre Dame. In 2010, Caitlin moved to Virginia and was a founding member of 6th Street house. Over the years, Caitlin has held a number of roles in our homes and in our leadership teams, stepping into the role of Director of Human Resources in the Spring of 2017. Caitlin also has played an active role in the development and leadership of the L’Arche Diversity Commission.

Eva-Elizabeth Chisholm

Human Services Leader
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Eva-Elizabeth Chisholm first came to L’Arche in 2011 after finishing her Master’s Degree in Social work at the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work. Eva-Elizabeth served as an assistant and as the Service Team Leader at 6th Street house for four years before transitioning to supporting the service team with program development until stepping into her new role in Fall 2017.

Jitta Banya

Director of Finance and Operations
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Jitta Banya came to L’Arche GWDC in 2021. Before coming to L’Arche, Jitta worked in a private institution (Bread and Chocolate) as Finance and Payroll Manager and also in the health field as a Lead Direct Service Provider.  Jitta also worked in the finance and human resource section at BBC Media Action in her home country of Sierra Leone. Jitta likes to spend free time reading, catching up on news, and being with friends and family.

Luke Smith

Community Leader and Executive Director
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Luke Smith began his journey in L’Arche when he was 13 and his calling to join L’Arche was realized in 2010 as one of the founding assistants of L’Arche GWDC’s fourth home, located in Arlington, Virginia. In 2011, Luke spent four months living in L’Arche London (England) before returning to Greater Washington to take on a leadership role in the Virginia homes. Luke is Irish, and grew up in England, and hails from a diverse and multi-cultural hometown of Wolverhampton. Luke studied geography in Aberystwyth (Wales) focusing on the development of communities and the geography of disability. Prior to coming to L’Arche, Luke was active with Faith and Light (L’Arche’s sister organization), taught high school students with disabilities in New Jersey, and worked at Myddelton Grange, a retreat center in the North of England.

Sarah Moore

Director of Development and Communications
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Sarah Moore first joined L’Arche GWDC in 2012 after graduating from Messiah College. She worked in a number of roles including assistant and Home Life Leader, before becoming the Director of Development and Communications in 2017. Sarah brings a commitment to the people and mission of L’Arche and oversees donor relations and L’Arche GWDC’s fundraising and outreach initiatives.

For questions about donating to L’Arche, email us at info@larche-gwdc.org