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Confirming the Committments They Have Made

On January 9th, 2016, Dottie Bocksteigel, Maurice “Mo” Higgs, and Michael Schaff were inducted and recognized as confirmed members of the L’Arche Greater Washington DC community.


The Confirmed Member has come to know that she or he has a lifelong vocation with L’Arche, which is rooted in prayer and the belief that she or he is called by God to share life with everyone in the community. Confirmed membership is a mutual commitment between the member and the community. The member is committed to serve not only his or her community but also the worldwide family of L’Arche as needed. Communities commit themselves to accompany each Confirmed Member throughout life if this is what the member wants.


Dottie, Mo, and Michael have spent a combined 95 years in community.  They know what it means to hold responsibility, leadership, and ownership of their experiences in L’Arche, and as a community, the four homes in Greater Washington, D.C. affirmed their commitments and promised to commit to them again, in the fullness of membership.  This is the first confirmation ceremony of our small L’Arche community.



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