L’Arche International

Aurora and Gustavo from L'Arche Mexico celebrate the federation's 50th anniversary. Photo courtesy of El Arca de Mexico Iap.

Aurora and Gustavo from L’Arche Mexico celebrate the federation’s 50th anniversary. Photo courtesy of El Arca de Mexico Iap.

From one small home that opened in 1964, L’Arche has become a worldwide movement that now has 154 different communities in 38 countries. Each community reflects the culture of its country while holding true to the value of seeing each person as fully human.



The International Federation of L’Arche Communities is incorporated in France, with its main office in Paris, France. The Federation is governed by an international board of directors and a General Assembly composed of representatives from its 154 member communities, each of which is incorporated, governed, and operated independently.

A Solidarity Album highlighting some of the countries and programs of the International Federation can be accessed here


The General Assembly meets in different cities around the world. L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. sent representatives to the most recent Federation meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2017.



International Leaders


Stephan Posner and Stacy Cates-Carney, respectively the International Leader and Vice International Leader pilot the Federation of L’Arche, guiding its mission in an ever-changing world in accordance with the International Charter and Identity & Mission statements. Backed by the support of the International Stewardship Board, they foster unity across L’Arche, and lead the implementation of the five-year Mandate entrusted to them by the Federation Assembly at Belfast, 2017.


Stephan Posner
International Leader, since Belfast, 2017



Stacy Cates-Carney
Vice-International Leader, since Belfast, 2017