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Happy 37th Anniversary to L’Arche GWDC!

October 6th is our anniversary!

We looked back at old newsletters and invitations – to a time when we were Community of the Ark and had not yet expanded into four homes. Check a few clips out below!

A newsletter from 1998 describing our 15th anniversary celebration.

Photo from the 1986 Christmas Card

Newsletter from 2005 with an article from long time L’Arche friend Shep Abell. Sonny, Eileen, and Mo stand on Ontario’s front porch.

A handmade invitation to our 4th anniversary celebration.

Much has changed since we were founded in Adams Morgan in 1983. Much has changed in this year alone. But we remain firmly ourselves, committed to each other and to building a more human society. We laugh together, create silly games, gather for prayer, and enjoy celebrations.”

As written by Dottie Bocksteigel (longtime L’Arche GWDC community member) in a poem for our 30th anniversary:

To show that all are valued is a dream for which we pine
And just like the days before—ones filled of making home and sharing life, today we continue to gather in God’s love.

And wow, is it beautiful.

It is beautiful. In the midst of everything, life together is beautiful.

We are grateful for our many supporters and friends who have been there through it all. You have painted houses, donated money, prayed with us, sang with us, cried and laughed with us. Our community is richer for having you in it. We hope to see you all at more prayer nights and virtual events!

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