We’re hosting gatherings for a small circle of special L’Arche friends! 

For 40 years now, L’Arche GWDC has partnered with many friends like you to provide homes, care, employment, friendship, and spiritual nourishment through life-changing relationships. Together, we’re modeling a more gentle, human way of being in the world. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, it’s time to expand this way of being and serve even more people!

You have been especially faithful to supporting L’Arche life. Your committed support over the years places you in a small circle of closer friends. And we would like to share some exciting news for What’s Next!

What’s Next is our 40th anniversary capital campaign to raise $2 million for growing more places of belonging. At each of the gatherings, you’ll hear the latest about the Reeves Farmhouse project and our 40th anniversary capital campaign to grow into the future.

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