Text read: what's next. 40th anniversary campaign. Let's grow a more human world together. A photo of Hazel, a black woman using her wheelchair, with her friend and former caretaker, Garrett, a white man standing behind her, is encircled with a pink outline. The pair is smiling in front of a background of greenery.

Wouldn’t a more gentle, human world
be a wonderful thing?

You know that’s our aim at L’Arche GWDC—and you are an essential part of it!
Together, we’re modeling a more gentle, human way of being in the world.
As we celebrate our 40
th anniversary, it’s time to grow and expand more places of belonging.

Welcome to…

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Our 40th anniversary capital campaign!

Designed to support the $2M growth needed to expand our mission and impact!

Make What’s Next possible!

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$2M for What’s Next

When you join What’s Next, your gift will grow a more human world by caring for more core members and ensuring meaningful and equitable pay for their caretakers.

$1.5 M for a new L'Arche home


Your What’s Next gift funds a new L’Arche GWDC home at Reeves Farmhouse for new core members!

Once renovations are complete, we will welcome four new core members to their new home and provide a range of programs promoting inclusion in our communities. What’s Next will cover the renovations and startup costs to make this house into our new home.


Your What’s Next gift seeds a compensation fund to anchor our commitment to provide meaningful and equitable pay for all employees.

We’ve taken steps over the last decade to create meaningful pay for meaningful work and continue our growth as a movement for justice. The need for the fund ultimately comes from a commitment to core members, that they receive the best care and quality assistants to provide that care and community.

With the expert care and genuine friendship of assistants, core members are better equipped to meaningfully participate in society. Meaningful compensation through What’s Next will affirm the value of people with disabilities in our world.

$500K for equitable assistant compensation

You are essential to a more gentle, human world.

We believe it’s possible to shape a world that welcomes every person as a fully valued and meaningfully contributing member of society. But it’s only possible with your partnership.

Will you join us for What’s Next?

Yellow circle with blue text that reads "Give Here"
what's next logo
Let's grow a more human world together.
Your investment through L'Arche GWDC makes it possible.

We are proud partners with HomeAid National Capital Region and Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia on this project.