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Profile: Debora Green

Photo: Karen Rumble and Debora Green get a kick out of life. Photo by Tucker Walsh

On family: Deb’s family consists of parents and her brothers Brian and Kirk. She is particularly close to her mother and enjoys spending the night at her house. Deb’s grandparents loved her “a whole lot.”

On God: Deb likes to pray silently, telling God “certain things” that are private or nice thoughts that go through her mind.

On going out to eat: Deb loves going out to dinner, especially if everyone has a chance to dress up. Her favorite restaurant is Chadwicks because of its quiet atmosphere.

On free time: Along with going to shows, out to dinner, or to see Washington’s sights, Deb loves to watch people. “They do interesting things, like make up beds, earn money, dust furniture,  cook, and clean.”

On commitment and belonging at L’Arche: Belonging means many things to Deb – being on time if you have a job to do, being interested in what others are doing and getting to know them, taking ownership by setting the table, and eating dinner with others.

On love: “When you love someone you hurt them, in a way. You tell them to grow up a little.” Besides making sure people you love don’t do things that will hurt them, Deb also suggests buying them clothes such ask skirts, tights, or shoes.

interview by Mary Ruppert

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