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Opening Our Doors In Virginia

Highland house members ready welcome guests at the 2015 Open House
Highland House members ready to welcome guests at the 2015 Open House

This past weekend, our homes in Arlington, Virginia opened their doors for an annual Open House. Welcoming friends, new and old alike, into our homes to share stories, munch popcorn, sip apple cider, and celebrate our life together.


Charles Clark & Mandi Stoll
Charles Clark & Mandi Stoll

At Sixth Street House, Charles Clark and Mandi Stoll told the story of L’Arche’s History. They started by talking about Jean Vanier in Trosly, France and went on to explain how the story of L’Arche grew to include our community of L’Arche Greater Washington DC. Charles also talked about what it means for him to be a part of the L’Arche Community, “L’Arche is family,” he said, “We’re all brothers and sisters in L’Arche.”


Over at Highland House, Hazel Pulliam and Liz Yoder told a story from the years they lived together.  As Hazel and Liz accompanied each other, they were able to directly impact each other’s goals and perspective on life. They shared the story of their ride on the top of a double-decker bus. Liz shared about the support that was needed from friends of Hazel’s to make that dream a reality. Hazel was able to share the details of DC that Liz would have completely missed if she was only looking for the “important things” around the city.  Read Liz’s original reflection about the bus ride previously published on our website.

Hazel and Liz on a double decker bus in 2011.
Hazel and Liz on a double-decker bus in 2011.


Missed the Open House? We can bring our stories to YOU by giving a presentation or planning a retreat for your church or workplace!

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