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Join us for our Diving Deeper discussion Series!

Join L’Arche GWDC as we enter into deeper dialogue on topics that shape and influence our world and life together. During these events, expert(s) in their field share their experiences and insights with us. After the speakers, there will be a time for conversation to reflect and expand upon what the speaker shared.

All are welcome in this virtual inclusive space as we learn, explore, and grow together.


Our Voices: Human-centered Health January 20, 7-8pm 

Making a Living with a Disability February 17, 7-8pm

People with disabilities have so many gifts to share, including in the workplace! But for many people with intellectual or physical disabilities, opportunities for meaningful, paid employment are rare. On top of that, they are also often dealing with complex financial requirements if they receive any government support for their disability, and choices of day programs are hit or miss. How can we cut through this tangle to build a more inclusive society for us all?

Spirituality of L’Arche March 17, 7-8pm 


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