Young Professional Board Information Gathering


Jen Vigario, Carolyn Rumer, Emily Conron, and Laurie Pippenger

Jen Vigario, Carolyn Rumer, Emily Conron, and Laurie Pippenger spending some time at Vapiano


On Thursday, November 5th, a group of young professionals got together at Vapiano in Chinatown.  Their purpose was to hear about how L’Arche is building a Young Professional Board and to share their love for L’Arche. Conversation flowed around how such a group will be able to build more recognition of the gifts L’Arche and the members of our community have to offer the Greater Washington D.C. area.


Board members will be asked to join one or more committees that will help orient new members to L’Arche, plan social gatherings and events, and develop new strategies for L’Arche to connect to their personal and professional networks.  The main goal of the group is to generate a recognition that we are all part of this vast network of communities in DC, and that we work better individually and collectively if we know each other well.  We want for L’Arche to more known, and to encourage individuals of the DC area to talk more openly about including people of all abilities in their personal and professional circles.


Vapiano was a great place to have our first meeting.  We were told by Craig there that the motto of his restaurant is to walk gently and slowly so as not to miss out on the joys in life.  As he was explaining this, several of us had a smile on our faces.  This is exactly one of the values we want to share through L’Arche.


L’Arche continues to welcome applications for membership on the board.  Contact Liz Yoder at [email protected] , or go to our Young Professional Board page for more information.  And don’t forget to look for future events that the Young Professional Board will host!  We are very excited for this opportunity to grow.


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