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#LarcheImpact – Kri Van Sloun

Impact is a theme in our community this year and who knows about the impact of L’Arche better than people who have been part of our community? So we reached out to current and former community members to hear about their stories and relationships, and how L’Arche GWDC has impacted them. This is the thirteenth in a series of interviews with current and former community members of L’Arche GWDC titled: #LarcheImpact.

When were you at L’Arche GWDC and what were your role(s)?

I was a daytime assistant and am currently supporting Ontario House by being an on-call overnight awake.

What brought you to L’Arche?

I was brought to L’Arche through my politics! Wanting to advocate for people that often are marginalized and looked over.

What’s one of your favorite memories at L’Arche?

Deb and Eileen went out to lunch with me for my 26th birthday! We went to a Cuban restaurant and it was a blast. The music and food were made better by the company I was in.

What encouragement/advice do you have for people who are considering L’Arche?

My only advice is to let go of your ego and enjoy being present to another persons needs. It takes patience and if you don’t have a plethora prior to L’Arche, you’ll definitely learn it.

How did you grow in your time at L’Arche?

L’Arche taught me unconditional love. There has been no better experience than that, and it goes both ways.

How does your time at L’Arche impact you today?

I’m a more patient person, have learned how to enjoy the small things and make time for those that I love.

Do you have a favorite picture of your time at L’Arche you could share with us?

Kri Van Sloun and Debora Green making silly faces.






















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