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#LarcheImpact – Agnes Bunagan

Impact is a theme in our community this year and who knows about the impact of L’Arche better than people who have been part of our community? So we reached out to current and former community members to hear about their stories and relationships, and how L’Arche GWDC has impacted them. This is the fifteenth in a series of interviews with current and former community members of L’Arche GWDC titled: #LarcheImpact.

When were you at L’Arche GWDC and what were your role(s)?

I was [a live-out assistant at Ontario House) from May-Sep of 2016.

What brought you to L’Arche?

To do some work that was meaningful with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the core members that I shared time with.

What’s one of your favorite memories at L’Arche?

It would have to be the almost all day outing with Eileen (Schofield) in Kilmarnock in Shenandoah while on house vacation at the end of summer last year.

What encouragement/advice do you have for people who are considering L’Arche?

Experiencing life with the core members at L’Arche is like a liberation from self-absorption. The liberation leaves you open to welcome people who, at the outset need your help and companionship but in actuality, has a great deal to teach you about the essentials in life. The core members are great teachers of genuineness, honesty, and kindness. I was myself whenever I was with the core members. Come with the disposition of a friend and companion, not a worker, with the core members.

How did you grow in your time at L’Arche?

There were many things I did at L’Arche that I didn’t think I was capable of doing. I’ve pushed myself way beyond my comfort zone and came out strengthened and gratified by the experience. My experience gave me a glimpse of what the Gospel invokes us: It’s only in losing yourself that you’ll find yourself.

How does your time at L’Arche impact you today?

I’m naturally hardwired for the underdog and the marginalized and my L’Arche experience is an inspiration that will continue to animate my journey of service in the disability field.

Do you have a favorite picture of your time at L’Arche you could share with us?

Agnes Bunagan with Johnny Schofield during a visit at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.























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