L’Arche GWDC Mandate 2017-2022

“Nurturing Our Friendships through Belonging, Sharing, and Growing”

Following the celebration of our 30th anniversary, we have entered an exciting time of rediscovery, growth, and commitment to our founding story and mission. We seek to be a witness to the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities revealed through mutually transforming relationships.

L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. is committed to L’Arche’s mission and identity and guided by the L’Arche USA Mandate*. Our 2017-2022 Mandate will build on the goals in the previous mandate, in order to further our role as a sign of unity in our divided world.

We will commit to (1) fostering belonging, (2) sharing our values and, (3) growing sustainably.

1) Foster and formalize new ways of belonging
Grow in our appreciation and fostering of circles of membership.
Celebrate and grow in our mutual and diverse relationships with friends, families, neighbors, and other supporters.
Further our commitment to valuing differences, recognizing our need for diversity and inclusion.
Review and improve our communication practices and common language.

2) Share our values through creativity and outreach to diverse groups and individuals
Grow deeper in our gifts; prayer, mutuality, simplicity, peace, and intentional living.
Share hospitality with other organizations and vulnerable populations.
Increase the leadership of core people in communication, advocacy, and development.
Ensure core people have enriching daytime activities, thereby exposing more people to their gifts.

3) Evolve and grow our community
Grow our community at Georgetown and/or Hamilton Street.
Create structures to respond to the needs of core members aging at home.
Successfully navigate the challenges of welcoming new leadership, dividing into two legal entities, and operating in a financially stable manner.

* L’Arche USA’s Mandate Goals are to (1) Take ownership of our mission. (2) Develop leadership. (3) Engage with culture and society. (4) Shape L’Arche in the USA and federation.