Heart of L'Arche Event Details
Heart of L'Arche Event Details

Questions? Call us at (202) 232-4539 or email events@larche-gwdc.org

What is the attire?

Garden party attire! Flower patterns, dresses, button-down shirts, nice trousers, skirts, fun hats if you’re feeling fancy…

What is the parking situation?

Ample self-parking will be available in the Atrium events parking lot, which is to the right as you enter the main entrance. There are a number of accessible parking spots at the front.

Will there be food or drinks?

We will have refreshments and lite fare including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hors d’oeuvres (with gluten free and vegetarian options), and desserts.

Can I access the botanical gardens?

Rain or shine, you are more than welcome to come early to Meadowlark and enjoy the gardens before the Heart of L’Arche event. Go to the main entrance and tell them you’re a guest at The Atrium event and they’ll let you in free of charge. The gardens will be closed after our event is over. However, you can still enjoy the garden atmosphere in and around The Atrium building during our event.

Is this event accessible?

Ample accessible parking is available in front of the Atrium.

The Atrium itself is wheelchair and walker accessible via lift at the front entrance and ramp at the side entrance. There are several accessible bathrooms including one attached to the “Lilac room” located toward the front entrance, which guests are welcome to use if they need a quieter space.

We will have microphones to amplify our speakers’ voices, two flat screen tv’s that will visually guide our time, as well as printed programs.  The program will primarily be in English, however, please let us know if you have other language needs.

Getting to the Atrium

Getting into the Atrium. Turn right to go to The Atrium parking lot and event space. Driving straight takes you to the main garden entrance.