By Dottie Bockstiegel

For L’Arche DC let’s give some cheers.
We’re blessed with thirty two great years.
We’re in a very festive mood
Filled with lots of gratitude.

We’re thankful first for Jean Vanier
Who turned things upside down one day.
He said that everyone had worth,
And needs a home upon this earth.

Now that was something we could see.
And so L’Arche started in DC.
We found a house to renovate,
And soon a home we would create.

Then to make things more complete
We built a home on Euclid Street.
Creating homes was so much fun,
That soon we move to Arlington.

Now we have four lovely places
And a lot of grateful faces.
We are especially thankful for
All the people at our core.

Michael, Deborah and Eileen,
John and Walton make one scene.
Then to Euclid house we go.
Calvin, Andrew live with Mo.

Highland House quite nicely fits
Eric, Hazel, also Fritz.
Sixth Street House completes our scene:
Charles, Laurie, Bruce, Francene.

To assistants give a hand:
You’re the best in all the land.
Thanks for all the joys you share,
And the many ways you care.

Office folks, board members too,
Thank you for the things you do
Just to keep us all afloat
Letting nothing sink our boat.

Thanks to all our volunteers.
We are thankful for the years
You keep bringing in your gift,
And provide a welcome lift.

Families, thanks for your support.
You’re the greatest, we report.
You show us how to be true
To the ones we share with you.

John Cook we give you a star,
Just for being who you are.
Thank you for your leadership,
Guiding well our fragile ship.

Finally thanks to all of you
Loving us the way you do.
Giving, caring, adding steam,
Helping us fulfill our dream.

So before this ends I’ll say,
Come and visit us some day.
As you look around you’ll see,
Lots of solidarity!

Dottie has been a member of our L’Arche community from its start in 1983. She shared this poem (and rap) at Solidarity Day on March 12, 2016.  Please do come and see us!

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