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Goodbye to the Red Door

A note from Community Leader | Executive Director Luke Smith

After many years of thoughtful discussion, discernment, and understanding of our limitations, the board and leadership of the community have determined that we are to sell our much loved Euclid Street House.

The Red Door (our name for the Euclid Street house) has been a place of home, a source of joy, rest, formation, conversation, and argument, and so many fundamental parts of our shared community life since 1988. It has welcomed so many people who have called it home, but as with too many of the people who have lived there, it is time to say farewell.

We may no longer hang our pictures on its walls, recline by its windows, linger in the kitchen. However, our stories and memories continue, and these stories, these memories, are what turns a house into a home.

It is in this spirit that we will be led by Joseph and those at the Euclid apartment to carry the Red Door forward as we discern together a new home.

I ask that we share some of these memories, stories, and pictures for the good of the community and as we celebrate all that we have lived at Euclid.

You can share memories here: Submit memories and photos 

Featured photo: The Red Door photographed in October 2021 by Ryan Donnell.

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