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Fritz Schloss Honored for 25 Years of Service

Photo: Fritz Schloss of L’Arche and job coach Julian Haley of MVLE are honored for their contribution to Arlington County. Photo by Bethany Keener

Residents of Arlington County are no doubt familiar with the white vehicles with blue markings, school buses, and other county vehicles that are used daily to support and serve the community.

Most probably have no idea that a small group of dedicated County employees who have intellectual/development disabilities, known as “The Enclave,” work year-round to make sure the vehicles are road-worthy.

“Their work literally puts the shine on the vehicles that represent the county every day,” said Arlington County board chair Mary Hughes Hines at a proclamation and awards ceremony March 3.

March is Including People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month, and this year members of The Enclave Fritz Schloss, Michael Smith, and Keith Alston were all recognized for their contributions to the County. Fritz, a member of L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. since 2006, received an award for his 25 years of service.

The Arlington County Equipment Division Trades Center and MVLE were also recognized for their roles in providing an integrated work setting with competitive wages and superb job coaches, respectively.

Kenan Aden, Sr. Executive Vice President Programs and Chief Operating Officer at MVLE, applauded the Trades Center staff for their role in making the work environment one where employees with intellectual/developmental disabilities could thrive.


Members of “The Enclave” are honored for their service to Arlington through their work at the County’s Equipment Division. Photo by Bethany Keener
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