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Faith and Spirituality: Enoughness

Sermon: Enoughness

Liddy's L'Arche story

Liddy, community member and Virginia Service Team Leader, shared about her L’Arche story in a sermon last month! Listen to it below.

“No place makes me feel more in love with this earth, with this here and now, with these treasures right before my eyes, than that warm and bright L’Arche bubble. It is the place I fully believe is a sign of what the kingdom of God could look like here with us now.”

Listen Here!

Note: Liddy’s sermon reflects her beliefs and experience of L’Arche GWDC, and not an official L’Arche GWDC position. All views are her own.

L’Arche GWDC is an interdenominational Christian community, welcoming people of all faith and none and encountering the experience of our humanity daily!  Community members are from many different faith and spiritual backgrounds or no faith backgrounds, and everyone is respected in their beliefs.

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