Wish List

Home life is at the heart of a L’Arche Community. The different members of a community are called to be one body. They live, work, pray and celebrate together, sharing their joys and their suffering and forgiving each other, as in a family. -L’Arche Charter


A gift from our wish list sends the message that you care about the unique needs of each person in L’Arche. We strive to provide each home with the necessary tools to develop a healthy home life through nutritious meals, clean and comfortable rooms, and social activities that strengthen ties in the community.


Note: In order to protect our homes from bed bugs, we are no longer able to accept donations of used furniture or area rugs. We can still accept gently used items that can be cleaned or put on high heat in the dryer.


Updated 11/20/19


All homes:

  • Gift certificates for restaurants, movies, grocery stores, or gas stations


Euclid wishes:

6th St. house wishes:

  • Gift cards to Target, Michael’s, Amazon, Home Depot, AMC/Regal Theaters, or Local Restaurants
  • Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Wash Clothes
  • Tupperware Set
  • Kitchen/ Drinking Glasses
  • Indoor kitchen brooms
  • Funds towards new living room furniture

Ontario house wishes:

  • We could always use art supplies, especially paints and tablets and markers
  • Gift cards to Target, movie theaters, and Harris Teeter
  • Dining chairs with arms brown in color (x4)
  • iPad for video calling long-distance friends of core members

Highland house wishes:

  • Funding for the removal of our compost (approx. $65/month)
  • Funding in order for us to receive a Farm Share 
  • 1 sturdy treadmill so core members have more opportunities to work out (able to fit through the door of our basement)
  • 1 Ecofiltro water purifier (https://www.utzmarket.com/collections/ecofiltro)
  • 1 outdoor bin to store cushions
  • 1 large computer chair
  • Funding toward a YMCA and/or pool membership so core people can remain active, especially during the winter months
  • 1 outdoor fire pit with a cover
  • 2-3 Night Get-a-Ways or Vacation Homes/Time Shares that are preferably accessible by wheelchair.  This form of donation, including money or Groupons intended toward this gift, enable us to relax, grow as a family, and continue encountering our broader community.
  • 1 Refrigerator for our basement.  MAXIMUM MEASUREMENTS: H:60-61in, W:24in, D:30-31in
  • Gift Cards to Local Restaurants (some of our favorites: Stray Cat, Lost Dog, Dairy Godmother, Silver Diner, North Side Social, Bangkok 54)
  • Gift Cards to Costco, Michaels craft store, Home Depot, AMC theatre, Target, Amazon

To coordinate drop-off or for shipping addresses,  please contact (202) 232-4539 or [email protected].