Become a Daily Life Member

What is Membership at L’Arche?

Membership is a choice to share our lives with our brothers and sisters in the community with an ongoing and growing commitment. It is a journey of love and forgiveness. The journey is a personal discovery of deepening in relationship with God and community members, and of growth in servant leadership.  Membership is more than the role or functions we perform.

A Daily Life Member makes a commitment to:

  • Contribute to the ongoing life and function of the community
  • Actively participate in and support the daily and faith life of the community beyond any formal responsibilities held in the community
  • Participate in regular formation
  • Annual discernment and assessment
  • Grow in the vision of L’Arche as expressed by the Charter of the Communities of L’Arche
  • Live in mutual relationships with community members, and
  • Live in an L’Arche home or participate on an almost daily basis in community life.


Who can be a Daily Life Member?

People from all faiths and traditions as well as those with no religious affiliation are welcomed and respected in their freedom of conscience. At L’Arche GWDC, members participate in inter-denominational Christian traditions.

What do Daily Life Members do?

Members actively participate in fostering an understanding of the identity and mission of L’Arche and in deepening his or her spiritual life. Community members take responsibility for mutual care of one another.

Members participate in:

  • Individual reflection and group sharing
  • Celebrations, welcome and hospitality
  • Formation in L’Arche spirituality and servant leadership
  • Retreats (personal, community, companion)
  • Community meetings and committee work (spiritual life, solidarity, and hospitality)
  • Holiday celebrations and special events
  • L’Arche USA and International Federation events


How do I become a Daily Life Member?

Please visit us! If you are able, we’d love to meet you and share time with you in our community. Daily Life Membership is a mutual discernment process for L’Arche and for the applicant. Download the Daily Life Membership Application and return it to Crisely Melecio-Zambrano at

Daily Life Members may also become employees of L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. Learn more about our open positions.

Applicants are encouraged to seek support from a mentor or person who can speak with you about your spiritual journey.  This list is designed to help you think of people to approach for spiritual guidance as you consider daily life membership at L’Arche.

Questions? Contact Crisely Melecio-Zambrano, at or (202) 740-4007.