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Creativity and Community: SolidariDay 2019

A group of people sings and dances on stage and in front of the stage

The energy was high from the very beginning of SolidariDay 2019. This was more than a fundraiser – it was a gathering of friends and a celebration of creativity and community!

Hosts Bob Jacobs, Eileen Schofield, and Debora Green welcomed the audience to the talent show, explaining that this year our show was part of the grand game of baseball, and they had the jokes, nicknames, teammates, and umpire to prove it. Umpire Charles Clark took his duties seriously, shouting “play ball!” to signal Bob to toss balls (soft ones!) into the crowd. The show kicked off with the audience enthusiastically singing a special L’Arche rendition of “Take me out to the ball game.”

Eight students from Assumption College and one student from Eastern Mennonite University, who were visiting L’Arche as part of their spring break, joined SolidariDay as volunteers. They helped with set up, supported at the bazaar, and greeted guests.

The talent show displayed L’Arche GWDC’s skills in song, dance, theater, and art. It started with an act showcasing L’Arche communities around the world – did you know L’Arche has 154 communities in 38 countries? Some other highlights were Irish dancing, parody songs, and skits of L’Arche life.

Two women smiling

Kelly and Svenja are all smiles as they arrive at SolidariDay. ©Brian A Taylor

Core member Kelly DeRoy performed “Surfing in the USA.”  A couple weeks after SolidariDay she reflected on her experience and said that singing was the most fun part of the day for her and made her feel good. She especially enjoyed watching the puppet show to “Bohemian Rhapsody” because of the puppets dancing and also mentioned the “Where I’m From” poems.

The “Where I’m From” poems were written as a project of the L’Arche Diversity Commission, and they explore the people, places, traditions, and other moments that make us who we are. As L’Arche honors everyone’s sacred value that includes honoring our diverse backgrounds.

The joy of L’Arche GWDC was on full display throughout the show, welcoming everyone to join us in the jokes, and laughter rolled through the audience.  The show ended with everyone dancing and singing along to “Twist and Shout”.

A group of people sings and dances on stage and in front of the stage

Dancing and singing to “Twist and Shout!” ©Brian A Taylor

SolidariDay raised $3,656 for L’Arche International. Your support will help L’Arche communities around the world. And SolidariDay also served, as it does every year, as another way to reconnect with our creativity and our community. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

Hazel and Svenja waiting to go on stage ©Brian A Taylor

Missed SolidariDay? Find other ways to get involved with L’Arche GWDC or to donate.

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