Complaint and Grievance process

If you feel your rights have been violated, you can talk to the Human Services Leader or Community Leader/Executive Director. If this person is not able to resolve your complaint (to your satisfaction or that of your guardian), there are other people for you to call.

In DC you can call (or ask for help in calling) the DDA Office of Rights and Advocacy and ask for a Complaint Form (and help in completing it).  D.C. Department on Disability Services main Phone: (202) 730-1700

In Virginia you can call your Regional Human Rights Advocate. This person is a representative of the Human Rights Committee in your area who will work with you and L’Arche to either resolve the complaint or file a formal complaint. Human Rights Advocate:  Ann Pascoe, 1-877-600-7437

You have the right to file either a confidential or an anonymous complaint. Any core person may make an anonymous complaint in writing to the Community Leader/Executive Director or Human Services Leader. This can be done by writing a note and sending it in the mail or putting it in the appropriate mailbox at any house. Any core person can choose whomever they would like to help them write the letter.

Anonymous complaints should be done by completing the following information (please be as complete as possible since L’Arche will not contact you to obtain additional information):
– Describe your concerns. Include dates, times, locations, persons involved and a detailed description of what happened, including events leading up to this complaint. Please attach additional sheets, and include any pertinent attachments. Again, since you are filing this complaint anonymously, please be as complete as possible since we will not contact you to obtain additional information.
– Your family member, friend, employee of L’Arche, support staff at DDS, your guardian or substitute decision maker, or any other interested party can file a complaint.
– DDA will provide you information on your right to file a request for a Medicaid fair hearing whenever there is a delay, denial, reduction or termination of your Medicaid services.

You may also file an Anonymous Complaint over the phone by contacting the L’Arche office directly at (202) 232-4539, contacting the Human Services Leader at (202) 853-2616, or contacting the Community Leader/Executive Director at (202) 525-9243.