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Claymation with Joseph and James

What better time for new art forms than during a winter staying indoors? Joseph and James at Euclid House have been creating claymation videos! Joseph came up with the idea, even though he had never worked with claymation before. As he and James looked more into it, they were also inspired by the movie Fantasia which they watched together during their celebration of “Disney Day” with the rest of Euclid House. James also hadn’t made claymation videos, but he was willing to try!

Joseph said claymation is “fun to make” and he and James enjoyed using their hands to make the playdough creatures in their films. They followed along with YouTube videos though “typically our creations look a little different from what they made in the video” explained James. Generally, making the videos wasn’t that hard, said Joseph. But making all the different animals for the barn video did present a challenge, James added! “The first goat looked a lot like our cow.”

The barn video was still their favorite. Joseph loved it because of “all the animals” and James enjoyed adding voices to the animal characters. Joseph’s favorite part of editing the videos is choosing the soundtrack. 

Most of their story ideas came from conversations around the dinner table and jokes shared with the rest of Euclid House, as well as being inspired by football season and TV shows. 

Joseph and James plan to continue making claymation videos including a “mini-TV series” of a character called Catman battling rats! They hope to get more L’Arche community members involved. 

Joseph says that their claymation videos are “good” and invites us all to take a look!

Joseph's favorite claymation video

The Barn


Cat's Meeting


Football Game

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