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Core Member Daily Lives During Social Distancing

Note: Many interviews conducted and photos taken in this blog were taken on or before April 16th. L’Arche GWDC follows all guidance from local health authorities and the activities and daily life of the homes are continuously changing based on that guidance. That means some of the activities mentioned and pictured here are no longer possible.

Michael lives at Ontario House in DC as a core member. He explained that his whole household is staying in now. He is a history buff and is currently reading a book about Mary Ball Washington, George Washington’s mom. He spends his time in his room, the dining room, the office, and the living room and spends a lot of time “Just up and down, up and down.” He and the members of his home have been taking turns presenting “TED Talks” on different topics. His favorite “TED Talk” was the one he led with Rachel (Ontario assistant) on pug dogs.

A “TED Talk” about Easter traditions

Laurie and Hannah at our 6th street home in Arlington took over our Instagram on April 16th to share about their daily life during the pandemic. They’ve been spending a lot of time working on art and keeping up with their “Chocolate Milk Thursday” tradition. They held their regular house meeting last week. On the agenda: discussing things that give us energy, things that take away energy, planning the weekly menu, and dancing together.

Laurie’s work at Arlington Weaves has closed, and they told her to “be patient, stay at home all day…” she reports. She said that during the day they hang out, call people, tie dye t-shirts, and watch movies.

Laurie is enjoying sleeping in and makes sure to encourage other people in her house to go on walks. “We are having a lot of fun and beautiful friends around you,” she concluded.

Andrew and Lara pose for a picture with their masks on!

Joseph at Euclid House in DC reported that he misses going out to his day program but sometimes likes staying home. He’s mostly watching movies and watching TV. His favorite movies are scary ones.

At Highland House, Hazel, Kelly, and John shared that they are playing games, taking walks, doing puzzles, and making arts and crafts. They are also wearing masks so they don’t get sick. Hazel and Alice will be cooking tacos! Kelly said she did not miss anything about work.


Members of Highland House on a walk!

Safely enjoying the spring weather!

Charles, another member 6th Street , misses his friends at work. “It’s no fun being home and not going to work, you know.” He spends his days reading the paper and has been talking on the phone a lot. He also plays games sometimes. On Thursdays and Saturdays he cooks dinner. His favorite dinner to cook? “Steak.”

6th Street recently held a house talent show where members of the home showcased talents of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and magic shows!

There’s a lot of musical talent at L’Arche GWDC!

Bruce and Maggie singing!

While the daily activities we do change as we follow new health guidelines, our creativity and connection remain!

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