Young Professional Board

Are you ready to share your passion for the mission of L’Arche with the community?


Join the Young Professionals Board to help spread the good news of L’Arche within the Greater Washington DC area!

Purpose of the Young Professionals Board


As an extension of the development team, the Young Professionals Board helps L’Arche Greater Washington DC develop new relationships in the community, fundraise, and engage others in the mission of L’Arche Greater Washington DC via social media, social functions, and volunteering at general L’Arche events.

Why consider joining the Young Professionals Board?


  • Impact the big picture. When you support L’Arche’s mission, you support a larger movement of upholding the human dignity of every person regardless of intellectual capacity.
  • Define the next generation of L’Arche leadership. Shape the development of L’Arche’s inaugural team of new leaders and guide the effective and authentic use of technology, social media, and crowd-sourcing to broaden the scale of L’Arche’s impact.
  • Develop a skill set that’s different from the one you use at work. Build your resume.
  • Expand and diversify your personal and professional networks, tapping into the networking resources of L’Arche GWDC.
  • Contribute to L’Arche’s vision for growth and better understand the governance of an organization in the growth phase.
  • Have fun, be social. Engage with peers, work in teams, attend events, and share your passion for L’Arche within your networks.
  • Challenge yourself in a fast-paced, multi-faceted, forward-thinking, and change-making environment.
  • Be a champion and voice for L’Arche Greater Washington DC.
  • Opportunity to be considered for future openings on the L’Arche Board of Directors to influence organizational policy and practices.

Responsibilities of the Young Professionals Board


  • YP Board members must be between the ages of 21 and 40.
  • Contribute financially to increase impact of YP Board’s goals.
  • New members sign a renewable one year commitment.
  • Members must attend bi-monthly board meetings.
  • Board members join one of the following committees:
    • Membership: Screens and inducts new members, keeps members accountable for finding new members. Members of the Membership committee must also be on a second committee.
    • Communications/PR: Creates and implements the communications strategies to grow engagement and event attendees within the DC area Young Adult community.
    • Events: Organizes social events and ways to fundraise for L’Arche Greater Washington DC via social events, social media, and encouraging giving.
    • Partnerships/Awareness: Seeks out partnerships in the community and ways to engage businesses and other organizations in collaboration for events and possible donations.
    • Or are elected to the Executive Committee : Execute the mission of the YP Board, conduct meetings, report to the Outreach Coordinator, oversees the other committees.
  • Committees meet as needed to achieve their goals, generally on a bimonthly schedule as well.
  • L’Arche Greater Washington DC YP Board members also volunteer, event-plan and fundraise to support L’Arche Greater Washington DC events.
  • Reach out to their social and professional networks to further the mission of L’Arche Greater Washington DC in the community.


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