We are grateful for the many volunteers who support our ongoing efforts to provide our core people with loving homes, quality care, and opportunities for engagement in the community. Our homes and office are currently looking for volunteers to fill the roles listed below. Please contact us for a volunteer application.


Time Sharing Volunteer

We are seeking a volunteer who would enjoy hanging out with and supporting a core family member in various activities of her or his choosing. These activities could include but are not limited to: visiting the local library, bowling, going to the movies, canoeing, and riding bikes.

For 2-3 hours, two Sunday afternoons a month. 1 Year Commitment is preferred, no experience required. For more information please contact [email protected]


Prayer Night Volunteer

Join us the first Tuesday of the month for an informal time of fellowship, prayer, and reflection. Help us set up the room and clean up afterward while getting to know assistants and core people. Time commitment: 2 hours per month. Available in either D.C. or Arlington, Va.

Fritz Schloss prays after dinner. Photo by Brian A. Taylor Photography

Fritz Schloss prays after dinner. Photo by Brian A. Taylor Photography

Help spread the word about L’Arche by inviting us to share our mission at your place of worship, office, or other group. Within the space of an hour we highlight the mission and people of L’Arche through stories from our life together. Time commitment: 1 hour plus time to coordinate with your group.


Spanish-language Conversationalist

We are looking for a patient listener who has an interest in theology who would like to spend time in one of our D.C. homes speaking Spanish (intermediate to fluent) in a low-key, unstructured atmosphere.  Time commitment: Flexible, most helpful on weekdays from 4-6 p.m.


Exercise Buddy

We’re always looking for ways to stay healthy, from choosing the right foods to finding fun ways to exercise.  Tone up in a fun, friendly atmosphere (our homes!). Time commitment: Flexible; four-month commitment to weekly sessions preferred.


Light Housekeeping

With an average of eight people living together, keeping a L’Arche home clean takes a lot of work! Lend a hand to tidy up our living spaces, clean the kitchen, and give bathrooms a quick once-over. Cleaning supplies provided. Time commitment: One hour or more per month; time is flexible


Office Assistant
L’Arche is seeking a volunteer office assistant to scan and file documents in its office in Adams Morgan. The volunteer should be able to use a scanner and computer to organize documents. Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Reading Buddy

Share a good book with a core person in Arlington who wants to practice her skills and make a new friend. Volunteer must be able to read in English and be a patient listener. Time commitment: Once a month from 7-8 p.m. on a week night; may coordinate library trips with the house earlier in the day.

EunSung Kim and Andrew Commisso read together. Photo by Brian A. Taylor Photography

EunSung Kim and Andrew Commisso read together. Photo by Brian A. Taylor Photography

Sign Language Teacher

Help assistants and core people improve their ASL vocabulary by sharing your knowledge and skills. Time commitment: 1 hour, timing is flexible


Massage Therapy

L’Arche assistants carry a great deal of responsibility – sometimes literally! Ease tension and relieve sore muscles by sharing your massage expertise, or gain training hours for your certification. Time commitment: flexible, daytime hours preferred


Small and medium-sized groups find giving – and receiving – meaningful in L’Arche.

** Note: We are working on our fall schedule. Contact [email protected] for specific ideas and dates available for groups.