Donate a Dinner Gift Card

A great way to support local

restaurants and L’Arche GWDC at the same time is to purchase online gift cards for our home to use for dinner! As we have paused dinner guests and friends bringing dinner to us at this time, we see this as a helpful gesture that gives the homes less to do during these long days, eliminates people coming to our house, and provides something for members of the homes to look forward to.


All links below go directly to the restaurant’s gift card page. As much as possible, please attempt to purchase an online gift card as opposed to a physical plastic card to ensure speedy delivery.


VA Community Local Restaurants
Lost Dog Cafe
Ledo Pizza
Silver Diner
Boru Ramen


DC Community Local Restaurants:
Beau Thai
Federalist Pig 
The Diner 
Mellow Mushroom
So’s Your Mom


Please direct any gift cards or questions to [email protected] and if you have a preference, specify which home you’d like to use the gift card. Thank you so much!