Service Team Leader (STL) Role Description

Service Team Leader (STL)

Role Description


As part of the Adams Morgan neighborhood for over 30 years, L’Arche GWDC’s Euclid and Ontario homes are a pillar of the community, a sign of unity and hope for a world where everyone can belong. Along with community leaders, core members, and a team of caregivers the homes are lead by a Service Team Leader(STL). The STL leads the team of assistants to provide competent services, through mutually transforming relationships between adults with and without intellectual disabilities.


L’Arche GWDC is currently seeking a leader who will encourage, challenge, and reveal the gifts of core members, and their assistants in their everyday lives, to the wider community, and in particular to the DC Government Agencies, such as the Department of Disability Services. The ideal candidate will have experience in case management, leadership positions, and a love for L’Arche.


Mission of a Service Team Leader

To lead a team of Assistants in providing competent contract services, within mutually transforming relationships between the Assistants and the core people, in a manner that reveals the gifts of each person being served.


Qualities and Expectations of a Service Team Leader

  • Grounded and growing in a system of beliefs and values that is consistent with the belierfs and values of L’Arche as expressed in the L’Arche Charter and in the L’Arche Identity and Mission Statement.
  • Willing and able to trust others and to entrust to others.
  • A desire and willingness to learn and grow.
  • Good organizational and leadership skills.
  • Physically able to assist people with cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Willingness to assume STL role and perform duties as an Assistant.
  • Willingness to remain in role for 2 or more years.



  • Supervised by the Director of Professional Services (DPS).
  • Supervises Team of Assistants that provide contract services.


Role Responsibilities

  • Scheduling and coordinating team meetings; creating agenda and ensuring that adequate minutes are recorded and distributed; and following up on issues that arise.
  • Meeting monthly with each new Assistant on the team, every six weeks with Assistants within the 2nd year, and more frequently if helpful to the person’s growth. Meetings will review roles, responsibilities, and the completion of any required trainings and certifications.
  • Collaborating with the Home Life Leader (HLL) to ensure regular Team accompaniment is coordinated based on home and team needs.
  • Participating, as asked by the DPS, in the recruitment, selection, welcoming, orientation, training, and evaluation of Assistants and people in other roles.
  • Increase knowledge and skills by undertaking training in addition to trainings required by contract, at the direction of the DPS.
  • Participating, as asked by the DPS, in quality assurance reviews and contractual inspections and audits; ensure the competent creation and maintenance of all records for which you or your team is responsible; and, at all times, making the DPS aware of any concerns or issues about the happiness or well-being of any person being served, about the quality of service provision or record keeping, or about the condition or property or vehicles.
  • Assigning and ensuring the completion of Assistants’ responsibilities.
  • Developing and ensuring the maintenance of a current team calendar as well as other calendars needed for cooperative functioning within L’Arche including, but not limited to, routine scheduling, medical appointments, and vacations for those served.
  • Coordination relationships between the team and other L’Arche leaders and teams.
  • Establish and follow systems in place to ensure compliance with service contracts including but not limited to, Individual Support Plans and Medicaid/State delivered services.
  • In conjunction with the HLL, ensure that the team embodies the values and beliefs of L’Arche by ensuring adequate formation, including a spirit and practice of hospitality and welcome.
  • Participate in L’Arche community projects and educational efforts and serving as a member of any leadership teams, task forces, or committees assigned by the DPS.
  • Participate in creating budgets for those served and within the home, as requested by the DPS, and oversee budget implementation in areas where you or your team have an impact.
  • Ensure and participate in the competent completion of all contract services that are the responsibility of you or your Team, including the individual service plans and services required.
  • Maintain good communication and relationship with people involved in the lives of people served by your team, including family members and guardians, governmental and private agency personnel, other L’Arche staff, and L’Arche community members and leaders.
  • Speak and behave in a manner that reveals the gifts of each person you serve and those with whom you serve.
  • Fulfill other responsibilities assigned by DPS.


Any interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Caitlin Smith, [email protected] by July 10th.